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Growing a region, growing the state

Construction of the biodiesel plant, soybean processing facility, and the specialty crush and oil processing facilities will create more than 820 jobs and generate nearly $134 million in economic activity. Long term, the facilities will generate approximately $324 million in economic activity and support 330 jobs. 

Benefits beyond the bean

The University of Minnesota Extension team did a comprehensive analysis of the impact a biodiesel plant and crushing facility would have on Polk County as well as the 11 county region. See how Minnesota benefits from construction of the facilities at the Soy Innovation Campus.

UMN Extension Impact study


Additional Information

When testing is too expensive or facilities don't exist to complete testing, research fails. In Minnesota, where commodity groups have spent millions of dollars of the years research new varieties and new technologies, innovation is being stifled due to a lack of facilities to cost-effectively research these innovations.

For Minnesota to truly take the next step forward, it needs a place like the Soy Innovation Campus. Research done through the specialty crushing facility could propel a new generation of high-protein soybeans, or perhaps allow for the study of a cover crop that is affordable for farmers and has real-world applications. The possibilities are endless when students, researchers and private industry have access to affordable tools and facilities.